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Sunset engagement session | Dusty Acres Homestead | Mallari & Zach

Acres of greenery that was home to an 1800's era bank barn and romantic woods was the perfect setting for this engagement session. As soon as I discovered that Mallari and Zach would appreciate the barn feel, I knew exactly where I needed to have their session: Dusty Acres Homestead. I have been wanting to have a session here for a while and I am so glad that I finally had the opportunity to do so.

I have known Zach since he was young and I even had the chance to witness him pop the question. On a beautiful sunny afternoon at the Indianapolis Zoo, Zach and his soon-to-be fiancee went off to look at a different exhibit than the rest of his family. Little did Mallari know, his family had a plan to put in place as soon as they left. He had his nieces and nephews wear shirts that read "Will you marry Uncle Zach" It worked out perfectly and Mallari was thoroughly surprised when she came around the corner and saw the shirts! She said yes, of course! The rest of the day at the zoo was full of all smiles and laughter; Mallari just could not keep her eyes off of her beautiful new piece of jewelry!

We had so much fun during our session. These two were up for all of my ideas and didn't even hesitate when I asked if they were up to venture into the woods! They came perfectly dressed and I couldn't wait to get them behind my camera! We hopped on the golf cart to journey back to the secluded woods until we found the perfect spot where the sun was peeking through the trees. It would have felt incomplete if we didn't include the bank barn in our session; so, we made sure to spend some time in there as well. The lighting couldn't have been more perfect. It was setting just over the cornfield and it made for the best shots to complete our session. Congratulations Mallari and Zach! I can't wait to witness your wedding in November. It's going to be beautiful!



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