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Nicole and Dillan | 9.19.2020 | Kayla Bertke photography & design

I had a blast capturing these two on their wedding day! With their easygoing and fun personalities how could I not!? Throughout the day these two had me cracking up. While I was capturing Nicole’s details, I spotted her drying her makeup setting spray by running in circles around the table which I found hilarious (and so relatable)! For the ceremony, in leau of a unity candle, they decided to have a pb&j sandwich! Their mothers each made half and then Nicole and Dillan finished the sandwich by putting it together and each eating a bite. How unique and fun is that!?

Dillan loves his car and requested a couple poses with it during their portraits. At first I was thinking he would ask for a typical “lean on the car and smile” pose, but boy was I wrong! Dillan hopped on the ground and told Nicole to act like she was dragging him away from it! His other request was pretending like he was wiping his tires with her dress. I loved that they wanted to incorporate these funny poses into their day!

The touching reception had me in tears between the traditional dances and the surprise dances they had for their family members. The two that stood out the most to me were when Nicole danced with her Mom to Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s Song” and the surprise dance to their grandparents, who have been married for 56 years, with their original wedding song. It brought them both, as well as most of the crowd, to tears as they walked to the dance floor and shared a solo dance.

Nicole and Dillan: Your day was beautiful and I am so happy you chose me to capture this chapter in your lives. I wish you two the best!


Hair: Missy Dendell

Venue: Presidential Banquet Center

DJ: The DJ Company

Catering: Kohler Catering

Cake: Emily Weaver



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