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Engagement Session in Centerville, Ohio - Kelsey & Jason | Kayla Bertke Photography & Design

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

These two... I love getting them behind my camera because they always show up in the cutest of outfits and are up to try anything I ask of them! Jason is my cousin and I have grown to love his fiancee Kelsey from the moment he introduced her to us! She is so sweet and quiet, whereas Jason is loud and outgoing, making them a perfectly balanced duo.

Jason and Kelsey first "met" in a college psychology class but neither of them talked to each other throughout the entire semester. It wasn't until a few months later that they crossed paths again on social media and finally had that first conversation. Since they had recognized each other from college, they instantly hit it off and immediately began to talk every day!

Jason proposed on the beautiful, sandy beach of Panama City Florida in December. Jason cooked her favorite dish, Shrimp Alfredo and had a romantic dinner all set up on the beach. Jason was anxious the entire dinner and when he finally got up the nerve to ask, all he got out was that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She said yes and the rest is history!

We have been talking about their wedding for what feels like ages, and it is finally getting so close! These two are to wed this July at the Manor House in Mason, Ohio. I know it's going to be so perfect and beautiful, I can't wait to get these two in front of my camera again and this time in their wedding day attire!!



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